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Hồ Tinh (Velvet Laminate w/Gold Foil)

  • This is a limited print run of only 50 copies featuring special gold foil ink on the tree flowers, the border trim and the fox stamp at the bottom. The prints are signed and numbered in gold and once they sell out, they will not be printed again. They are printed on a 100lbs cardstock with a special laminate that gives the paper a velvet-like matte texture.

    - 11"x17" art printwith white border


    - Gold foil printing on 100lbs cardstock with a special velvet-like laminate finish

    - Hand signed and numbered with gold ink (only 50 prints will be made)

    - The "BRIANHOANGART.COM" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual print itself.

    - Frame is NOT included.


    The nine-tailed fox can be found in multiple Asian cultures. China, Japan and Korea all have it in their folklore with some stories portraying it as benevolent and other stories portraying it as a bit of an asshole. In Vietnamese mythology, it's called Hồ Tinh and it falls in the latter category.


    Hồ Tinh would use its shape shifting powers to disguise itself (often as a woman but not always) and lure wanderers back to its cave where it would kill and eat them. It was eventually tracked down by a hero named Lac Long Quan who vowed to kill it. Finally, at the end of a 3 day long battle, Quan raised his sword and beheaded the beast putting an end to its terror.


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