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Brian Hoang Art

Thank you for visiting Brian Hoang Art. This is the page of my website where I talk about myself. 


I was born in Vietnam a few years after the war ended. At an early age, my parents and I left and spent about 6 months in a refugee camp before relocating to Canada. As a kid now growing up in a western culture, I had a humble but decent collection of action figures to entertain myself with. My dad would often pose them and draw them for me. Seeing how he was able to take a real-life object and turn it into a drawing was inspiring. This was something I wanted to be able to do so I became that kid that would draw at the back of the class. Funnily enough, in middle school and high school, my marks for art were pretty average.

I did eventually get into and graduate from the Interpretive Illustration program at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON where I would meet my future wife (she is an amazing artist whose work can be seen here). 

After years of working a day job while only doing art on the side, I went full-time into the art in 2014 (I credit my wife for this). While my earlier work was inspired by the pop culture media I consumed, in recent years I've dedicated all my energy and time into exploring the history and the culture of my Vietnamese heritage through my art.

I've lived in Saigon, Winnipeg MB, Hamilton ON, Toronto ON and currently reside in east coast Canada with my wife.

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