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Cá Ông

  • There's a practice of whale worship in small parts of Vietnam, specifically along coastal villages. Worshippers believe in a whale spirit called Cá Ông (Fish Lord or Fish God). It's believed that whales act as guardians to watch over people who may run into trouble out at sea. If a whale is unable to save the lives of these seafarers, it will instead bring their souls back to shore so that they aren't left wandering the waters for eternity.


    - 11"x17" art print with a 0.5" white border

    - 90lbs cardstock

    - The "" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual prints.

    - Frames are NOT included



    All prints will be signed by myself on the front (if you would like the signature on the back or have no signature at all, please send me a message and I will be more than happy to oblige).

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