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Hoa Mai Tree

  • While the animals represented in the Zodiac of the Lunar calendars are almost all identical, one of the differences is the Year of the Cat. While the Chinese and Korean Zodiacs use the Rabbit, Vietnam uses the Cat as the 4th animal. The tree seen here is known as a hoa mai tree (among many other names) and is commonly seen during Lunar New Year celebrations in Vietnam known as Tết


    - 11"x14" art print with a 0.5" white border 

    - 100 lbs coverstock

    - The "" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual prints.

    - Frames are NOT included



    All prints will be signed by myself on the front (if you would like the signature on the back or have no signature at all, please send me a message and I will be more than happy to oblige).

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