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Mythical Vietnam Limited Edition Foil Set

  • This is the complete 4-piece set of my "Mythical Vietnam" series. Based on the the 4 Sacred Animals of Vietnamese mythology, this set includes the Dragon, the Turtle, the Phoenix and the Unicorn. All images feature premium foil printing with gold foil for the Dragon and Phoenix and silver foil for the Turtle and Unicorn.


    This is a limited print run of only 55 copies each print. They are signed and numbered so once they sell out, they will never be printed again. They are also available to purchase individually. The paper used is a heavier 120lbs cardstock with satin finish. 


    - 8.5"x11" with white border

    - 2 with gold foil, 2 with silver foil

    - Signed and numbered (only 55 copies of each will ever be made)

    - 120lbs cardstock with satin finish

    - The "BRIANHOANGART.COM" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual prints themselves.

    - Frames are NOT included.

    - I will try to keep all numbers of the set the same (ex. Dragon 10/55, Phoenix 10/55, Turtle 10/55, Unicorn 10/55) but as more of the individual prints are sold, it will be more difficult to do this. Please note that I cannot guarantee the same numbers in a set but I will try my best.

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