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Mythical Vietnam: The Phoenix 8.5"x11" Limited Edition Foil Print

  • This is a part of a 4 piece set titled Mythical Vietnam. Each piece depicts one of the 4 Sacred Animals of Vietnamese mythology and a traditional Vietnamese instrument. This one is of the Phoenix and the instrument featured is the sáo trúc which is a bamboo flute.

    This is a limited print run of only 55 copies featuring special gold foil ink on the Phoenix's feathers, the sun and the sun rays. It can be purchased individually or as a complete set of 4. The prints are signed and numbered so once they sell out, they will never be printed again. The paper used is a heavier 120lbs cardstock with satin finish. 


    - 8.5"x11" with white border

    - Gold foil printing

    - Signed and numbered (only 55 prints will ever be made)

    - 120lbs cardstock with satin finish

    - The "BRIANHOANGART.COM" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual print itself.

    - Frame is NOT included.

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