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Perfume River (Linen Texture)

  • Linen Texture Edition:

    This is a limited print run of only 90 copies printed on 130 lbs premium linen textured cardstock. Each print is signed and numbered by myself and once they sell out, this edition will not be printed again.


    I named this illustration after the Perfume River which runs through the city of Hue located near central Vietnam. Though I did base this piece around the war, I wanted to create an image that had a strange beauty to it while still evoking a slight sense of dread.


    - 11"x17" art print with 0.5" white border

    - Printed on premium linen textured 130lbs extra heavy cardstock

    - Signed and numbered by me


    -Limited edition of 90


    - The "BRIANHOANGART.COM" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual print itself.

    - Frame is NOT included.


    Standard Edition:

    This is the standard version printed on regular coverstock with no limited edition numbering.


    - 11"x17" with a 0.5" white border


    -90lbs coverstock


    -The "BRIANHOANGART.COM" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual print.


    -Frame is NOT included. 


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