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The Trưng Sisters

  • For those interested in the history behind these two warriors, they are the Trung Sisters (Hai Bà Trưng). In 111 BCE, the Han Empire had conquered the area then known as Lạc Việt (now north Vietnam) and over the following century, would tighten its grip on the people of that land. They raised existing taxes and imposed new ones as well as pushed their patriarchal beliefs onto the Viet people whose women held as much influence and power as its men prior to the Han invasion. Skipping over a few details to around 40 A.D. the Trung Sisters had had enough and decided to start a revolution. They raised an army of over 75,000 people, many of whom were women. They then appointed many of these women, including their own mother, to high ranking positions and within a year, they conquered 65 settlements held by the Han Empire who initially never thought two women would ever pose a threat. The older sister Trung Trac was crowned queen of the region and her sister Trung Nhi became top advisor and regent. Though their rule only lasted 3 years, their legacy lives on as fierce warriors and historical feminist icons.


    - 11"x17" art print with white border


    - 100 lbs coverstock

    - The "BRIANHOANGART.COM" watermark logo will NOT appear on the actual print itself.

    - Frame is NOT included.



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